Posted November 16th, 2011 by Malconium

If you have a web site and would like to help sell the TenYurt eBook you can earn a 40% affiliate advertising fee for each sale that you refer.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to and sign in or register for an account and sign up as a DIY-Prefab affiliate. Click here to Join our Affiliate Program.

2. Grab the affiliate code for this eBook and post either an article or ad on your blog or website. Make sure that you use your affiliate link code when you link to this eBook.

3. When your readers click on the affiliate link on your page and buy this eBook the sale will be recorded. I will pay your affiliate commission once a month by the end of the second week of the month following your sales.

Icon and link code:

Here is an icon that you can use in a link to the eBook sale page in my blog:

300 x 225

Image URL:

The following code snippet can be used to create a link using the above icon. Be sure to replace “IDHERE” in the snippet with your affiliate ID.

<a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”><img src=””></a>

3 Responses to “Affiliate”

  1. John Freeman says:

    My blog fell way behind as I was in the process of getting started with it. Lost my home in the Bastrop wildfire and am restoring property myself, with video blogging soon to come. Will be setting up a number of topics pages including alternative shelter and construction ideas, as well as permaculture and aquaponics. Will let you know when I am up and running and will be putting up links to the TenYurt book and other affiliate pages. Will also be including an amazon bookstore with sections on Permaculture, Shamanism and Healing, and Shelter. I intend to put up a TenYurt on a high platform as sort of a treehouse.

  2. Malconium says:

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your home. I do hope things go well for you regarding rebuilding. I would love to see photos of how you use the TenYurt design.

  3. klara jolesz says:

    Hi Malcom,

    I came across your website while researching for my project. I am a Masters of Architecture student at PSU and am designing and will be building a small house for my thesis. I am currently going the modular route. I definitely could use your expertise if you are available! I saw this project and knew I could go the modular route. I am now trying to understand the construction process which you seem to have a great handle on. Great projects! If you are interested in lending your advice please email me!


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